Recovery is an important (yet often overlooked) part of your training. Our idea is to establish recovery as an integral part of our athletes’ training. Sitting around after a big workout can make you even more sore. Problem is soreness not only hurts but also limits your ability to get back at it the next day. And that’s where active recovery comes in. Active sports recovery should decrease your soreness and shorten your recovery time, which helps you to get you to your next workout faster. Maximizing your amount of training AND recovery is the ideal way to make yourself stronger, preserve your muscles, increase endurance, reduce your risk of injury and meet whatever sports goals you may have.

At Hustle House, we proudly offer you a way to recover like elite athletes do (from Gareth Bale to Neymar to LeBron James, you name it) with NormaTec PULSE Recovery Systems, the leader in rapid recovery. The NormaTec PULSE Recovery Systems are dynamic compression devices designed for recovery and rehab. Created by a physician bioengineer, the patented PULSE technology is designed to enhance blood flow and speed recovery to help athletes recover faster between trainings and after performance. This is the secret weapon that gives a competitive edge to the world’s most elite athletes, coaches and trainers (backed by research, scientifically proven and all those good stuffs.)

And on top of that, we also offer in-house sports massage sessions applied by certified, well-trained and experienced professionals. Sports massage therapy can improve your training preparation and reduce recovery time for optimal performance during training. The objective is to target overused muscles to release tension, bring more blood flow to the area and promote your flexibility, enhance endurance, reduce tiredness while also helping you prevent injuries and prepare the body and mind for maximum performance. Recover faster, train harder, perform better. Book your sessions now!