1. Our classes are 1 hour long and we start off with a 5-10 minute warm up and work our way into athletic cardio, a strength segment, athletic conditioning, primal conditioning and close off with a 5-10 minute cool down.
2. We want to introduce you to your trainer and give an overview of what to expect so please arrive 15 minutes prior to class (plus we all know too much about Jakarta’s traffic).
3. We provide bath towels but feel free to bring your own small towel if you want to bring it into class.


1. All you need are your work out clothes, your sneakers and a water bottle to keep you hydrated. Other than that, we’ve got you covered.
2. You can pre-order your protein smoothies or performance shakes at our Fuel Bar prior to class so it will be waiting for you as soon as you’re done.
3. Get psyched! You’re going to be having fun burning calories!


1. Head over to our friendly Front Desk staff or go to www.hustlehouse.co.id to buy a class package or monthly membership and book your spots (please note that you can only book a spot once you’ve purchased a class package).
2. We also provide one-on-one training sessions for those who feels the need to get personal. Please speak to our Front Desk staff regarding Personal Training sessions and share with us about your goals, expectations or whatever fitness goals you may have, so we can achieve them together!
3. Refuel your energy at our Fuel Bar with our specially crafted, nutrient-dense meals to help you maximize recovery and optimize your results.
4. Recover like athletes do with the NormaTec Pulse System in our Recovery Room or enjoy our highly recommended in-house sports massage therapy sessions. (Please book your sessions prior to class)