What is Hustle House?

Hustle House is Jakarta’s very first athletic-based group personal training. We offer training, recovery and fuel all under one roof. Why? Very plain and simple, we believe that in order to achieve the highest fitness level one cannot exist without the other. While training is a big part of fitness, recovery is often overlooked (i.e. we need to recover better to train harder). And we can’t stress it enough how important the role of nutrition is in regard to performance (and results), and by now we should all agree that we can NEVER out-exercise a bad diet period. At Hustle House, we like to think that we are in the business of transforming lives, and not just fitness.

Will I be okay if I’m a beginner and rarely work out?

Yes, don’t worry! Our classes are for all levels. Our coaches will regress or progress your workouts as necessary.

How long are the classes?

The classes are typically 60 minutes long including the warm-up and cooldown.

Can I train more than once a day?

We would suggest to limit your training to once a day to let your body rests and recovers properly for the next day.

How often should I go?

If you’d really like to see a significant change in your body and energy level, we would recommend a minimum of 3 classes per week to 4-5 classes a week once your body has adapted to the training.

When will I start seeing results?

If you go 4-5 times a week you should start seeing and feeling the results within 2 weeks!

Is the workout fun?

Fun doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Why do days of the week focus on different muscle groups?

Firstly, switching muscle groups creates the biggest impact and reduces the risk of injury. The second reason? People come in different shapes and sizes, and all of us have something about our appearance we’d like to prioritize.

Can I participate if I’m pregnant?

Yes, but since we will be doing intense physical exercises, we do encourage you to consult with your doctor prior to class. Please inform our Team and Coaches if you are pregnant so that they can monitor your training and guide you accordingly.

Are cell phones, videos or photos allowed during class?

No, to guarantee that our coaches have your undivided attention please do not use your cell phones during class. But we do encourage you to take team photos and share them on your social media after class is over.




How can I see how many classes I have left on my package?

Sign into your account — you’ll see all of your account info there.

What options do I have for buying classes?

You can buy packages or sign up for a monthly membership, depending on your level of commitment.

Packages are best if you’re just not ready to commit or you have a busy schedule or you travel around the world often. Use your classes whenever it suits you. But of course, if you’d like to reach your goals faster, it’s better to commit.

How do memberships work?

If you want a Hustler’s body its best to commit. Choose how many times you wanna come per month and get our monthly membership that matches, 8 times per month? 12 times per month? 16 times? Or anytime? And don’t worry if you happen to run out of your class credits before the month ends, you can easily purchase additional classes (on a special rate for our members!).

Can I transfer or share my class package or membership?

Sure! Class packages can be shared with your family or friends for up to 4 persons, and as long as you let us know which names you’ll be sharing your packages with when first purchasing. However, monthly memberships are non-transferable nor shareable.